Projects in Progress

Humanitarian and Sustainable Interventions
The paradigm sustainable community is now in full bloom on the Island of Lihue, HI.  The projects engaging the residents there include: farming, gardening, intergroup relating and various sustainable processes such as conservation of resources such as water and recycling and hydroponic gardening. The community is growing and is more and more self sustaining.  A WG member is the focal point for orchestrating this endeavor as the community continues to thrive. Such a paradigm included environmental, psychological and social-psychological as well as socio-political dimensions and serve a homeodynamic model where all members participate in the processes of survival that exist there.  For additional information about these projects please contact us.

Interfaith Harmony
A website which represents a generic expression of 20 years of efforts is now up and running and gathering inputs from a diverse cadre of professionals who have been interested in or involved with creating greater understanding between the faiths.  The website is ongoing and interactive and fosters the expression of a diverse viewpoints all centered around the goal of building understanding and greater cooperation between the faiths.  These video interview exemplify and highlight the practical psychological principles utilized for building greater communication and ongoing dialogue and support between the various faith groups. For additional information about these projects please contact us.

Generating Voices of Conscience
Generating Voices of Conscience is a proactive peace building method and tool that not only serves the deeper needs of people engaging the military establishment but also allows all citizens and professionals alike to express their heartfelt thoughts and feelings about war and violence.  The newly created website presents and promotes the details of the philosophy and principles behind generating a voice of conscience.  The day to day practices of professionals who have dedicated their lives to healing the soul wounds of veterans and the PTSD that surrounds it are expressed and shared on this site. The healing power of this practice is also something that powerfully invites individuals to share their stories of inspiration, recovery and healing. For additional information about these projects please contact us.

Building Resiliency
As a member of the Professional and Scientific Board of Advisors for The National Center for Crisis Management, an arm of the Homeland Security Department, a WG member is working with various team members and other teams of professionals to create paradigms of intervention and personal journals reflecting their experience. One example is from a nurse who has provided details from her experience serving in Haiti and has provided procedural guides for the treatment and prevention of PTSD to support resilience in residents and the professionals serving in areas in need of support, e.g., where there is extreme poverty, or natural disasters. Resiliency work continues to be as one forefront initiative utilizing multidimensional methodologies, with particular emphasis on humanistic psychology principles and practices. For additional information about these projects please contact us.