NEWS:  Dr. Scott Moeschberger is now President-elect of Division 48.

Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence
APA Division 48

Special Election for President-elect 2016

Candidate Statements and Vitas

Alice LoCicero
Statement: Division 48 as I Envision It
Candidate Vita

Robert McKelvain
Statement: A stronger division, A stronger voice
Candidate Vita

Paper Ballots and Correct addresses

Paper ballots for the Division 48 special election for President-elect will be going out shortly. These paper ballots will be sent to the address that the Division has on file for the member. If you have moved recently and have not updated your information, you will need to do that as soon as possible to ensure you receive this ballot. For those who are unsure if the correct address is on file, a good sign that we have the correct one would be if you have received the Peace & Conflict journal at your new address. If you need to update your address for this election, please contact Garnett Coad, the APA representative in charge of sending the ballots.

New Feature -- Member profiles and News 

Division 48 has a diverse group of members from many social demographics and with many kinds of expertise and interests. Member Profiles and News will help division members in –

  • Collaborating by finding members with similar interests for research, authoring papers, proposing conference presentations, and sharing teaching and practice ideas
  • Knowing members interests in participating in various committees, working groups, and leadership roles
  • Promoting collegiality and building stronger personal and working relationships among members
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of fellow members

The first version of Member Profiles and News (MPN 1.0) will be simple and flexible. Your information can be submitted by completing an online form. Read more on the Member Profiles and News page. 

New in blogs and Newsletter

Linden Nelson continues his series on peace eduction by highlighting teaching resources to be found on the Division 48 website at

Cyprus Academic Dialogue – A Bi-Communal NGO of Academics, Scholars and Intellectuals Engaging for Peace in their Shared Island by Nicos Anastasiou and Costa Constanti is the new article in the Division 48 Newsletter. You can find it at

Division 48 Membership Admission "Test"

  1. Are you a student, professor, practitioner, or ally of peace psychology?
  2. Do you want to apply your expertise in your specialty of psychology to promoting peace? 
  3. Do you advocate for peace, train peacemakers, or do research on peace, conflict, or violence?
  4. Do you want to collaborate, participate, and celebrate peace with like-minded colleagues and friends?

If you answered YES to one or more of the "test" questions, please join us!