History of Peace Psychology and Division 48

A History of Division 48 (Peace Psychology)
by Michael G. Wessells, PhD

The Interweaving Threads of Peace Psychology
by Rachel M. MacNair, PhD

Division 48 Convention Programs and Highlights

Bandura, Beck, and Chomsky in Division 48 Conversation Hours
In one afternoon three of the most influential thinkers of the 20th and 21st Centuries -- Albert Bandura, Aaron T. Beck, and Noam Chomsky -- joined Division 48 President Frank Farley for conversation hours at the 2016 APA Convention. Dr. Beck and Dr. Farley engaged the topic of "Hate, Violence, and More." Dr. Bandura and Dr. Farley discussed "Moral Disengagement and More." Dr. Chomsky and Dr. Farley considered the topic of "Peace, Conflict, and Politics." 

2016 Convention Division 48 Program schedules are available -- 2016 APA Convention and the Division 48 Hospitality Suite.

Presidential Addresses

2013 Presidential Address by Rachel MacNair, Ph.D.
Dr. MacNair’s Presidential Address at the APA Convention, "Outreach with Peace Psychology: Different Methods, Different Constituents"

2009 APA Presidential Address by Eduardo Diaz, Ph.D.
Dr. Diaz address at the 2009 APA Annual Convention, "Peace Psychology 2009"

2005 Presidential Address by Eileen Borris, Ph.D.
Dr. Borris’ Presidential Address at the APA