Spirituality and Humanitarian Practices Working Group


Since 1997, local members of religious organizations and working group members from Florida have been coordinating public forums and programs locally to create greater visibility for the need and nature of dialoging between the faiths. These programs and projects, including community events are ongoing, and proactively approach religious leaders of all faiths regarding their work and their 'stories' regarding the building of interfaith harmony within the context of their own congregations and relationship building with other religious groups members.

A website which represents a generic expression of 20 years of efforts is now up and running and gathering inputs from a diverse cadre of professionals who have been interested in or involved with creating greater understanding between the faiths.  The website is ongoing and interactive and fosters the expression of a diverse viewpoints all centered around the goal of building understanding and greater cooperation between the faiths.  These video interview exemplify and highlight the practical psychological principles utilized for building greater communication and ongoing dialogue and support between the various faith groups. 

The focus and goal has been building greater understanding between faiths, using dialogue to further connections and to move toward greater participation in peace building processes.

If you would like to participate in this project please contact us.