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Winter 2017

Winter 2015

Summer & Spring 2015

Winter 2014
Peace Psychology Division COR Representative Report; Behind the Scenes at APA Council; A Unified Approach to Peace Learning; The Need for Mindfulness in 21st Century Education; Hunting for Happiness: Positive Psychology Students Take Action

Fall 2013
Reconciled Anti-Torture Policy Adopted and PENS Rescinded; Remembering and Reflecting on Milton Schwebel; Transforming Trauma from Violence Into Healing: A nation Responds

Spring 2013
The New Face of War -- Continuous Traumatic Stress; Taking the 'Post' Out of Post-traumatic Stress; Peace Psychology in Australia; Is it Relevant in the USA...and the World; Teaching Peace through Teaching Genocides: "Never Again"

Fall 2012
A City Council in the Nuclear Weapons Business: A Case Study; New Resources for Teaching Peace Psychology; Joseph Abileah: A Jewish Non-Violent Activist in 20th Century Israel

Spring 2012
Healing the Wounds of Conflict and Violence; The Effects of Peace Education for School-Age Children; Peace in South Asia, One Youth at a Time

Fall 2011
The Israel-Palestinian Conflict; Seven Projects for a Healthy and Prosperous Democratic Republic of Congo; How Can Educators Bring About Emotionally Positive Classrooms?

Spring 2011
War is Not a Game: Let Us Teach Our Children Well; Global Impact of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child; Effects of Current Wars on Young U.S. Children; How Long is Someone an Early Career Psychologist?

Fall 2010
Values and Rhetoric: Lakovian Framing, Metaphors, and Stories; Perspectives on Torture; William James, The Hurt Locker, and Intercultural Exploration; Debate Not Hate: Ten Approaches to Over-coming Hate Media & Campaigning

Spring 2010
Nuclear Power: Psychological Perspective; Study Abroad: Creating Peace One Person at a Time; Abdul Ghaffar Khan: Advocate of Nonviolence Among the Muslim Pashtuns

Fall 2009
Solutions to Intergroup Conflict: Constructing Sustainable Webs of Peace Builders; Peace Education Through Montessori; Collaboration Between VA and College Theater Group to Bring Awareness of War Trauma

Spring 2009
Even the Birds Did a Fly-By: Perspectives from Buddhist Psychology; Promoting Peace Through Forgiveness Training with Children & Adults in Sierra Leone, Africa; Peace, Sustainability & Warmongering

Fall 2008
Change Has Come to America; Americans & Japanese 9/11; The Holocaust: Lessons Not Learned; Update: Durban Review

Spring 2008
Genocide in Real Time; Children, Families & Armed Conflict; Study: Veterans Face Job Search Woes