Member Profiles and News

Thank you for participating in Members Profiles and News. This brief information will explain the purpose of Member Profiles and News and help you decide what information to put in your profile. [Or jump ahead to create your Member Profile now.]

Division 48 has a diverse group of members from many social demographics and with many kinds of expertise and interests. Member Profiles and News will help division members in –

  • Collaborating by finding members with similar interests for research, authoring papers, proposing conference presentations, and sharing teaching and practice ideas
  • Knowing members interests in participating in various committees, working groups, and leadership roles
  • Promoting collegiality and building stronger personal and working relationships among members
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of fellow members

The first version of Member Profiles and News (MPN 1.0) will be simple and flexible. Your information can be submitted by completing an online form. will transfer that information to your profile. This is not an automated process. To make sure the information is always easy to access MPN information will be carefully structured. Safeguards will also be in place to protect members information and still make enough information public to be useful. Physical addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail address will not be part of the public profile. Persons will be able to contact you via the Contact Us feature of As soon as MPN 1.0 is complete we will add the ability of each member profile to link to the member's own personal page on

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