Special Election for President-elect 2016

Candidate Statement and Vita

Robert McKelvain
A stronger division, A stronger voice

We have some challenges to meet. Division 48 membership has declined an average of 14 members per year, a loss of over 20 percent, since 2007. Only a small percentage of members are under the age of 50.* We have not had a strategic plan since 2010. In 2016 the Division's small grants program was not continued even though money was available. Working groups have few members and little visible activity.

We can respond to these challenges and preserve the strong voice of the Division by working together to accomplish the following priorities – 

  1. a comprehensive member involvement survey to get to know our members
  2. a task force of our most effective advocates to continue our vigorous response to APA governance issues
  3. a new strategic plan that sets goals for membership and member involvement
  4. an affordable and innovative annual conference for Division 48 members and our non-member colleagues

I think of myself as a pragmatic "street-level" advocate and educator. I was a department chair for 11 years and a director of graduate studies for 20 years. Since 2010 I have been presenting conflict transformation training for community leaders in Honduras and for psychologists in Guatemala. I co-authored (with Ryan Blucker) Transformación de Conflictos: Una Guia para Psicólogos. I am currently on sabbatical studying police use of force with homeless or mentally ill persons, including spending a month embedded with patrol officers in a major urban police force. I am editor of PeacePsychology.org.

Robert McKelvain Vita

*The first two sentences are revised from the statement mailed with the ballot to correct for errors in APA membership data.