Poster— Detailed Instructions

Posters offer the opportunity to present scholarly work and have discussions with interested colleagues. Psychology and Peace 2018 encourages poster submissions so that the project can be discussed in more detail with interested persons and to promote networking and future collaboration.

Submission instructions

The proposal submission website will have fields for entering the following required information.

Time: Poster sessions are 50 minutes.
Participants: One or two presenters per poster; as many authors as appropriate
Title: Limit title to 90 characters including spaces.
Principal author: Name, highest educational degree, email and complete mailing address, cell and work telephone numbers, institution/business affiliation, and Division 48 membership status
Co-authors: Highest educational degree, e-mail address, institution/business affiliation, and Division 48 membership status.
Summary statement: A declarative statement of 25 words or less describing the substantive core question, finding, conclusion of the poster. This may be a tentative statement subject to revision for the final presentation.
Supporting summary: Statement of 250-500 words describing the poster.
Citation: Suggested APA form citation of the proposed poster omitting bold or italics formatting. The title may be of any length.
Accommodations: Indicate any accommodations for a physical disability that would facilitate your participation (e.g., ramp to head table, hand-held microphone, flexible microphone, table microphone, lavalier microphone) or scheduling limitations due to religious constraints.

Special expectations

  • Summary copies or entire work should be available for distribution.
  • Poster design and typography should permit the poster to be read from a distance of 5 feet by a person 70 years of age.
  • A revised submission with proposed citation, updated brief summary, and supporting summaries should be submitted by February 20, 2018 to be included in the conference proceedings. Additional information about this process will be provided.