Outside-of-the-Box— Detailed Instructions

The Program Committee welcomes innovative presentations which do not follow the formats listed here. To explore an outside-of-the box presentation format please contact the Program Committee. 

Submission instructions

The proposal submission website will have fields for entering the following required information.

Title: Limit title to 90 characters including spaces.
Principal author: Name, highest educational degree, email and complete mailing address, cell and work telephone numbers, institution/business affiliation, and Division 48 membership status
Co-authors: Highest educational degree, e-mail address, institution/business affiliation, and Division 48 membership status.
Summary statement: A declarative statement of 25 words or less describing the substantive core question, finding, or conclusion of the presentation. This may be a tentative statement subject to revision for the final presentation.
Supporting summary: Statement of 250-500 words describing the submission.
Citation: Suggested APA form citation of the proposed paper omitting bold or italics formatting. The title may be of any length.
Accommodations: Indicate any accommodations for a physical disability that would facilitate your participation (e.g., ramp to head table, hand-held microphone, flexible microphone, table microphone, lavalier microphone) or scheduling limitations due to religious constraints.

Special expectations

A revised submission with proposed citation, updated brief summary, and supporting summaries should be submitted by February 20, 2018 to be included in the conference procedings. Additional information will be provided.