Special Election for President-elect

Candidate Statement and Vita

Alice LoCicero
Division 48 as I Envision It.

The Division of Peace Psychology fosters scholarship contributing to the creation of an environmentally sustainable, socially and economically just, democratic, egalitarian, humanitarian, society – a society at peace. Such a society is aspirational now, but the vision is crucial to the survival of humans on earth. The founders of Division 48, in 1990, had something like this in mind, as documented by Michael Wessells. To emphasize the mission of studying peace, in the inclusive sense described above, we should consider dropping the terms “Conflict” and “Violence” from Division 48’s name. 

Division 48 has a responsibility to work towards peace, and to that end, it should advocate for human rights, and specifically for

  • Social, racial, and economic justice
  • Climate stabilization
  • Abolition of capital punishment, mass incarceration, and racial inequities in the criminal justice system
  • Reduction to zero nuclear weapons
  • Documenting the impact of globalization, privatization, and the increasing power of the military-corporate-financial complex.

Division 48 should also encourage APA to live up to its mission, “…to benefit society and improve peoples’ lives.”  Here are some ways APA can do that.

  • Apologize to the victims of torture.
  • Document the harm done to volunteer soldiers, their families, and civilians by multiple deployments.
  • Address the disproportionate influence and power that military and security concerns have in shaping APA policy
  • Revisit the viability of the role of military psychologist.
  • Support psychologists who blow the whistle on cruel and inhumane structural and institutional violence.

Alice LoCicero Vita