Nominations for Officer terms beginning in 2017 -- Rebekah Phillips DeZalia, Past-President

Deadline for nominations is February 8.

On behalf of the Officer Nominations Committee, I asking that your submit names and information proposing candidates for five positions: President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Representative on APA Council of Representatives, and Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee. Nominations should be made using the Division 48 Nominations Form. A description of the qualifications and responsibilities can be found in Officer Qualifications and Responsibilities. Additional information may be found in the Division 48 By-Laws.

Using the Division 48 Nominations Form please submit a statement about why you support a specific candidate for each position and a copy of her/his CV. Members may nominate themselves.
Candidates do not have to be current members of APA except for President-elect and APA Council of Representatives positions. They must, however, be members of our Society or prepared to join. For additional inofrmation contact Rebekah Phillips DeZalia, Past-President.