Scott Moeschberger, PhD  President

Scott Moeschberger, PhD

Alice LoCicero, PhD  President-elect

Alice LoCicero, PhD

Dr. Alice LoCicero is a board certified clinical psychologist. Her outlook on psychology was informed by her early career experiences working in community health and mental health agencies, where individual, family, social, and community concerns are all understood to be relevant to an integrated care model. Throughout her career, she has brought this perspective to her scholarship, her advocacy, and her clinical work. Dr. LoCicero’s academic work began with her appointment as a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School. Her present position is visiting scholar at the Wright Institute, in Berkeley, California. 

A contributor to several versions of the classic women’s health book Our Bodies Ourselves, Dr.LoCicero published papers in peer-reviewed journals about women’s experiences as mothers. 

In her recent scholarship, Dr. LoCicero has addressed some vexing problems, including youth recruitment to violence. She has written two books and given ...
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While pursuing his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Ball State University, Scott Moeschberger received the Cohen Peace Fellowship, which launched a line of research on forgiveness among Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. This work eventually led to a focus on semiotics, with articles on divided symbols in South Africa (the Voortrekker Monument), Northern Ireland (marching season), and the United States (the Confederate Flag), culminating in an edited book Symbols that Unite; Symbols That Divide. As a faculty member at Taylor University, he has taught a wide variety of courses, including a decade of teaching a course in Peace and Reconciliation. He also designed and implemented an interdisciplinary program on Working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children. He regularly involves students in research and practicums around the world, such as South Africa and Namibia.  He presents regularly at professional conferences world-wide and has published works in various publications ranging from Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology to the Handbook For Social Justice in Counseling Psychology.